FreeCall Build 628 4.07

Free PC-based phone system with unlimited calling to select countries

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    Internet phone

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    Build 628 4.07

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    Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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    6.1 (429)

FreeCall is a VoIP service that is similar to others on the market. However, it has something that will interest a lot of people. That feature is the capability to offer free calls to a number of destinations around the world that includes unlimited free calls that users can make amongst themselves on the network.


The application is very quick to install. After it has been registered, it runs users through some unique preparation. A sound-device test will be performed as well as a bandwidth test. This is to check whether a person’s bandwidth is good enough for making VoIP calls.

It also checks whether their microphone and audio-output devices are working perfectly. This is done to make sure that other factors that affect voice quality are in good order. If both of these tests work well, a user can proceed with utilizing FreeCall for making phone calls.

User Interface

FreeCall’s user interface is structured on various tabs. The contacts tab list is a person’s contacts while the start tab is meant to show the user their account credits. A dial pad is also provided in another tab. A person can add contacts either by specifying a mobile or landline number or the contact details of another user.

Two of the available tabs are for making phone-to-phone calls by simply specifying a user's own number and that of the person they are trying to contact and for sending SMS messages. All in all, the user interface is easy to use and intuitive.

The Free Part

The free part is not exactly what users would think it is right off the bat. They are told that after registering and installing the app, they will be able to make a phone call to one of the free destinations. However, free calls are only available for users who have added credits and have paid for their accounts. They can then make free calls to the destinations that have been listed. When a user adds credits, they only have 90 days to take advantage of the free calls.

Another drawback is that a user is only allowed 300 minutes of free calls per week. What is even worse is that the majority of destinations are for landline phones only with the exception of America, where both mobile calls and landline calls are free.

The Rates

The rates are very interesting. They are below the average for the market, especially if calls are free for specific destinations. This is a service that people can consider if they are planning on cutting down their international-calling expenses, provided that the location they are planning to call is among the free destinations.

FreeCall has applications for Android services, iOS, Windows phone, Symbian phones and Blackberry devices. People can also utilize Free Call with an SIP device.

  • Pros
  • Free calls to certain mobile and landline destinations
  • Hardware and network test during setup
  • Free in-network calls
  • Cons
  • Free calls are only available to paying users
  • Sound-device tests might not bring good results

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